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Quickly change worried, whiny or bored kids into curious, connected and playful learners!

Playful, engaging, and fun first impressions help children experience a greater sense of security and connection.

• They learn better.

• They feel better.

• They do better.

• They want to come back.

And that’s better for everyone!

Imagine—you are a little kid being brought to ski & snowboard school for the first time...

There are lots of new faces, strange noises, being measured, questions, lines to stand in, odd clothing and footwear that feels funny, but not yet fun. “What’s next, shots?” you wonder.

Great first days are crucial for great second days — and they start with great first impressions that are full of promise and play.

BEGINNER CONVERSION starts at the beginning, too! And the first things that influence emotions and expectations at the time of arrival are sight, sound and smell—in that order. 

• Can you order ready to install graphics? Yes!

• Can you have existing work customized? Yes!

• Can you have 100% custom work created? Yes!

• Can you purchase rights to use digital assets 

   and have the production done at your resort? Yes!


“Working with Nathan was so much fun. He helped me to “kidify” our space. His images immediately bring a sense of calm & excitement to both kids and adults. Walking into our children’s center it now feels like a children’s center. Amazing the transformation that a few fun signs can make.“ I picture myself as an owl, saying it was a “hoot” to work with you!“


Kristen Hoot

Children’s Program Director

Shawnee Peak


Smartful Kids creates effective and fun indoor and outdoor materials to help kids learn about safe sliding and "Your Responsibility Code."

Smartful Kids' singular goal is to make high quality, effective slope safety and teaching resources available to anyone who ain't inclined to choose clipart, over-messaging, or settle for bland good-enoughness...especially when kids are involved. They deserve fun and wonderful stuff that sticks (not referring to sugar by the way).


Written by Olympic skier Libby Ludlow and illustrated by internationally known, award-winning illustrator and PSIA certified ski instructor Nathan Y Jarvis. A-B-Skis is a playground of words and pictures from A to Z that’s sure to get tiny rippers excited for winter fun. A-B-Skis is an effective tool to help build greater beginner conversion by creating excited, ready and resilient little skiers. There's not another book like it in the snowsports world!

Pending approval, A-B-Skis artwork is available for resort use as wall decals. What better way to keep kids engaged with the outside fun during the times when they are inside to rest up, warm up, eat up and/or calm down? Turn those blank inside wall spaces into playful, instructive spots where the fun and learning can go on even when the snow's outside! 

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