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skill group signs

How does your ski & ride school sort students when forming classes? 


Typically the kind of turns being made is at the heart of lessons. Well, that, and immeasurable fun, too!


Smartful Skill Group signs identify the focus of each class quickly and clearly. “Never Evers” are easy to sort out, but after that, each ski & ride school has its own criteria for advancement. What are yours?

Rectangular rigid .04 aluminum signs are perfect alternatives to the larger teardrop flags.

18" x 36" ($95 each). Other sizes available upon request.


9-foot teardrop flags ($400 each) are easily spotted and understood from a distance. Printed both sides.

Custom options are always available.

1-3 first time.jpg
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4-6 varied turns.jpg
7all turns.jpg

Also available as hanging banners.

24" x 48" $60 each

18" x 36" $40 each

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1-3 teardrop150firsttime.jpg
4-6 teardrop150variedturns.jpg
7 teardrop150allturns_9ft.jpg
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menu for success
no pizza french fries flat150.jpg

18 x 24 inch poster

on premium matte paper.

 1 to 5 $35.00 each

6 to 10 $25.00 each

10+ $20.00 each

11 x 17 inch poster

on premium matte paper.

 1 to 5 $25.00 each

6 to 10 $20.00 each

10+ $15.00 each

16 x 20 inch sign

on 2mm sintra


Text or email to order.

(801) 831-0406


Sorting things out

Getting classes quickly and accurately sorted out is a vital part of improving beginner conversion statistics, let alone a sanity saver for instructors and supervisors, alike. 

As a fellow PSIA-AASI nerd, staff trainer, and award-winning visual communicator (that's fancy speak for illustrator/designer) I would love to help your school figure out how to most effectively tame the sorting beast.

Only Hogwarts has a magical hat to do that. 


Nathan Y Jarvis

Smartful Kids

Assesssment Questions TURNS.jpg

11 x 17 inch poster

on premium matte paper.

 1 to 5 $25.00 each

6 to 10 $20.00 each

10+ $15.00 each

NOTE: The skill level names can be changed to whatever your ski school uses to identify groups.

Text or email to order.

(801) 831-0406

Nathan's SNOWts

Share Nathan's SNOWts with friends and guests who would like to have a reminder of some of the most helpful skills to focus on along the way from first time skier to an advanced ripper.

PAGE 1: Beginner / Intermediate

1. Emotional balance that come from being able to control speed and direction. Downhill is fast. Across the hill is slow.

2. Speed control through turn shape.

PAGE 2: Intermediate / Advanced

3. Steering the legs independent of the upper body (NOTE: Little kiddos cannot do this well, so don't expect it. 

4. Tip then twist at the top of the turn. 

Page 1 (front and back)
SNOWts1 for kids 23.jpg
SNOWts2 for kids 23.jpg
Page 2 (front and back)
SNOWts3 for kids 23.jpg
SNOwts4 for kids 23.jpg
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