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Olympic skier Libby Ludlow has teamed up with internationally known illustrator and PSIA certified ski instructor Nathan Y Jarvis, to create a multi-award-winning alphabet book about the magical world of skiing. A-B-Skis is a playground of words and pictures from A to Z that’s sure to get your tiny rippers excited for winter fun. What better way to share your love for skiing with your favorite kiddo?
Don’t miss Libby and Nathan’s Pro Tips for parents and My Mountain Memories for kids at the back of the book!

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A-B-Skis can be customized as a way to anchor memories of awesome adventures to the place where they all began!


Libby Ludlow is a former U.S. Ski Team member and 2006 Olympian. From toddlerhood to world stage, Libby’s favorite skiing memories almost always include adventures with friends, hot chocolate breaks, or going fast. When Libby isn’t balancing the demands of motherhood with full-time work, you can find her chasing powder on her skis or single track on her mountain bike. More about Libby at


Nathan Y Jarvis is an award-winning, internationally known illustrator whose work has appeared in scores of fun books, magazines, murals and on playful packaging. Nathan is also a PSIA certified Children’s Specialist ski instructor at Park City Mountain Resort. Every winter he helps kids, fun loving adults, and new instructors discover the joys of the “most gooderest skiing.” You can find out more about his art and ski work at

Get Nathan's FREE 31-page eBook to help you help your little rippers enjoy greater safety and success on the snow.

It's a fantastic introduction to the Your Responsibility Code, and includes many helpful pro tips anyone can use. "I'm Smart. I Know the Code!" is endorsed by PSIA-AASI.


Sample pages

ABSkis_Case wrap.jpg

The very first thing you'll find when you open A-B-Skis is a fun page about the Responsibility Code written in kid-friendly language. It's important that little skiers know that there are rules for using the mountain that help keep them and others safe while they are on the snow.


There are extra treats to find inside the pages of A-B-Skis...trees with faces, hidden objects, and silliness to have some fun talking about.

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customization option

Page 32 is a special place to personalize A-B-Skis...
For resorts that are interested in adding A-B-Skis to their guests' vacation experience, there are two levels of resort customization available to help strengthen the association of mountain memories with the resort where they happened. Here's a sample of Level 1 customization. Ask us about the options available and how you can use them to build loyalty.
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Pro reviews


There has never been a more opportune time for this release. 

The industry is keenly focused on growing participation in skiing, nationwide. There is no better participant group on which to focus our energy than kids. Composed clearly, and illustrated beautifully, A-B-Skis turns the ski area into a child’s playground, highlighting the thrills to feel, sights to behold, and lessons to learn. What a wonderful complement to a day at the mountain!


Eric Lipton

Owner / Director at Eric Lipton Ski Camps

COO at SNOW Operating

National Alpine Team at PSIA-AASI


Fantastic work on A-B-Skis!  

A-B-Skis will fire kids up to get outside and ski! This book educates kids on all the fun to be had with a positive attitude and a focus on the simple pleasures of skiing. I love how you put such meaningful and fun words together from each letter and the drawings are bright, colorful and very detailed. I'm looking forward to sharing this with my kids and their friends.

Daron Rahlves

Olympian and World Champion, Alpine Skiing

Reading A-B-Skis transported me back to that nostalgic time as a kid when going skiing was the ultimate expression of freedom and joy. The writing and illustrations recreated many of the thoughts and feelings I cherished as a kid growing up in the mountains and am looking forward to sharing with my own daughters. A-B-Skis combines the fun of skiing with the life lessons the sport inevitably taught all of us along the way.

Andrew Weibrecht

Two-time Olympic medalist, Alpine Skiing

A-B-Skis Gets Kids Excited about Skiing 

 “My girls, ages 4 and 6, love A-B-Skis. As soon as I close the book, they ask me to read it over again. A-B-Skis builds excitement about snowsports while reinforcing the value of education by covering topics like safety and personal growth. It’s great to have a resource to help support the next generation of skiers. A-B-Skis shows kids that skiing is all about learning, building memories, developing independence, and having fun.”

Nicholas Herrin

PSIA-AASI Chief Executive Officer

PSIA-AASI Horizontal Vectors.png

“I am really impressed with this book which can be a great help for kids and adults alike. It is fun to read for kids and beautifully done, but most importantly for me as a ski instructor is that it gets kids excited for skiing while teaching them some very important smaller and bigger lessons about the sport. For the parents it is a great reminder of some of the key things they need to get right so their time on snow with their kids can be a success.”

Klaus Mair


Sofa Ski School

Austria/New Zealand

Engaging, insightful, interactive, and fun! A-B-Skis is a great book for any ski family or aspiring ski family. This book will serve as a great way to have fun and valuable conversations with kids before, during, and after a fun day on the mountain. Libby and Nathan do a fantastic job of displaying safety, fun and learning for young skiers. As a parent and professional instructor, I love the pro tips for parents too—absolutely brilliant!

Eric Rolls

PSIA-AASI National Team

Park City Ski & Snowboard School training manager

A-B-Skis will be on the front row of my family bookshelf

As a father of 5 kids and a ski industry professional who loves the mountain culture, I’m always looking for ways to foster kids excitement about skiing. 

A-B-Skis is a great way to do that from the earliest age. There is nothing greater than sharing skiing with kids to help them embrace the mountain culture, and this book is a playful introduction that will build excitement and connection to fun in the snow.  


Dave Lundberg

Director, Skier Services

Keystone Resort | Vail Resorts, Inc.

Libby and Nathan have done an amazing job of creating an introduction to the wonder and adventure of a child’s first skiing experience, along with some great tips and information for the grown-ups as well. I can’t wait to give a copy to my granddaughter! I think they did a fantastic job of capturing a child’s sense of adventure and imagination. I especially like the mix of attitude, safety, adventure and independence they present as fundamental parts of the whole experience.


Jason Hunter

Ski & Snowboard School Training Supervisor

Park City Mountain | Vail Resorts

PSIA-I Examiner

A-B-Skis is a winner!

A-B-Skis does a first-rate job of capturing the elements of fun, grit,

friendship, and enthusiasm that are shared by all passionate skiers—athletes

and enthusiasts, alike. “Do your best” and “Never give up” are at the heart

of world-class excellence. I love that young skiers will get exposed to

these important lessons at an early age.


Tiger Shaw

Two-time Olympian

U.S. Ski & Snowboard | President and Chief Executive Officer


“I think it is very fun for children to read. I also think it is very encouraging and it will help kids feel more confident about skiing. It’s very good for spreading the message of having fun and being safe all at the same time. It is also great because it is very interactive.”


Thia Mair 

Age 8 / Austria

A-B-Skis is such an asset. It’s beautifully illustrated, and a joy to look and read through. I’d recommend this book to any family, it’s entertaining (even if you don’t ski), educational, and is guaranteed to make you smile. I hope this book can provide motivation to our growing population of physically inactive kids around the world, introducing them to just one of the many activities our winter seasons can offer for families to learn and play together. This book is just plain fun!


Mary Flinn Ware

Mother and Grandmother

Ski & Snowboard School G.M.

Park City Mountain | Vail Resorts, Inc.

PSIA-AASI Intermountain Children’s DECL

I love A-B-Skis!  At Kinderlift it’s all about keeping kids safe when they’re learning to ski and ride...this book hits the mark. Every parent (and grandparent) who’s skiing with their little one needs to read this with them.

I can relate to this as 7 years ago my granddaughter Ella started skiing, and every page makes sense of what we went thru, talked about with her and showed her on the slopes.


Randy Burklund

Owner & Head Mogul

Kinderlift of Colorado


What a fun and magical book! The language speaks to children of all ages. The illustrations are bright, vivid, and captivating. The imaginative and literal elements of this rhyming ABC book really portray the feeling, adventure, and joy of the mountain experience. Young children will not only learn mountain etiquette, but will also enjoy searching for the silly hidden images.


Amy McGarr


Parley’s Park Elementary School


I thoroughly enjoyed A-B-Skis. I found it to be one of the best alphabet books around. I loved that not only did Libby and Nathan talk about the basics of skiing, but they included the emotional aspects as well. Their knowledge and love of skiing is truly evident. The text was well written and would be fun for a beginning reader or as a read-aloud. The pictures are delightful, bright, and amusing. Thank you for this warm and friendly introduction to the sport!

Pam Burklund

Retired elementary teacher/librarian

Model Wrangler


This is THE BEST book!! Honestly, I have never seen a better book for kids. It is so cute and fun. I can’t believe the artwork. Seriously! Congratulations on such an incredible product.

Elizabeth Hokanson 

Ski mom and

Adjunct Professor of English

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