Olympic skier Libby Ludlow has teamed up with internationally known illustrator and PSIA certified ski instructor Nathan Y Jarvis, to create an alphabet book about the magical world of skiing. A-B-Skis is a playground of words and pictures from A to Z that’s sure to get your tiny rippers excited for winter fun. What better way to share your love for skiing with your favorite kiddo?


Don’t miss Libby and Nathan’s Pro Tips for parents and My Mountain Memories for kids at the back of the book!

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A-B-Skis can be customized as a way to anchor memories of awesome adventures to the place where they all began!

Libby Ludlow is a former U.S. Ski Team member and 2006 Olympian. From toddlerhood to world stage, Libby’s favorite skiing memories almost always include adventures with friends, hot chocolate breaks, or going fast. When Libby isn’t balancing the demands of motherhood with full-time work, you can find her chasing powder on her skis or single track on her mountain bike. More about Libby at www.libbyludlow.net.

Nathan Y Jarvis is an award-winning, internationally known illustrator whose work has appeared in scores of fun books, magazines, murals and on playful packaging. Nathan is also a PSIA certified Children’s Specialist ski instructor at Park City Mountain Resort. Every winter he helps kids, fun loving adults, and new instructors discover the joys of the “most gooderest skiing.” You can find out more about his art and ski work at www.nathanjarvis.com.

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