These dishwasher-safe 3" x 3" vinyl stickers are perfect additions to bathroom mirrors, water bottles or anywhere you'd like to add an extra reminder about the importance of clean hands in the war against spreading germs.

$3.75 each, or 10 of one design for $35.00, or 5 of each design for $40.00. Shipping included.

Discounts for larger orders available upon inquiry.


5 of Each Design

Dead Germs

soaper powers

wash your hands

These dishwasher-safe 3" x 3" vinyl stickers are a great way to get the stoke going for the upcoming season on the snow. Stick 'em on your gear, car, water bottles, mugs—anywhere you want to proclaim your impatience for the snow to come!

$2.00 each or 10 for $15.00. Shipping included.

grombots SNOW


fun ski


fun ride

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Summer Fun
NYJ_Schmoose_More Snow_Sticker.jpg

The Winter Schmoose is a year round favorite! This oversize 8 x10 inch vinyl sticker goes great on cars, walls, doors, windows—anywhere you want to make it clear you are ready to shred some pow pow! $15.00. Shipping included.

stoked for winter?