Group C


Kids make amazing art. Look carefully at it. Get curious about what was going on in the artist's head. Look for exquisitely beautiful colors and textures. Say "WOW!" — and if your child is the one who made the piece you are wowing, say it to them and then give 'em a big high five.

Many kids (and adults) get some paint brushed on a surface and proclaim, "I'm done!" after only a few minutes. I tend to always challenge them to look longer and imagine more. "What if you tried ____________?" usually results in some pretty cool stuff that has more depth and detail that the shallow waters their painting/project started floating in.

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist

once he grows up." Pablo Picasso

I normally don't add information about the kid's art, but for those who are wondering, this is a poster of a book on a book surrounded by happy lines.

This a tree and the setting sun being reflected on water