​My SNOtes are here to help remind my students, both young, and young at heart, of a few basic, but also essential, skills to master along the path to advanced skiing. I teach these skills in a way that ONE may be focused on and acquired (different than merely experienced). I call it my "One bumblebee in the car is enough bumblebees" approach. If only one bumblebee gets into the car with you it's easier to take care of. But if two or more bumblebees are in the car with you things go sideways fast.

There are many skills involved in advanced skiing. By focusing on only one at a time, and in a sensible sequence, learning is accelerated, and abilities are more likely to get into our bones—a much better place than just being in our brains. So, start with what I call "Ski Strong"—an athletic stance that helps us stay balanced while all of our parts and pieces are busy figuring out the finer details. Practice (a.k.a. ski a lot) until it becomes second nature.

Then choose your next bumblebee. And have fun chasing it!

Go with a Pro. Professional lessons are the quickest and best route to gaining the skills, knowledge and confidence that lead to skiing safely, enthusiastically and playfully. Ask for me by name. It'll be fun!

Learn new skills on easier terrain.

Practice old skills on more challenging terrain. 

If the skill disappears on more challenging terrain, e.g. your easy blue run parallel turn becomes a wedge on a double blue or black run, go back to easier terrain and practice some more until the skill gets into your bones!