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LESSONS with Nathan

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Connect with the Park City Ski & Snowboard School for private lessons with Nathan

by calling 435-658-5530 or clicking below.

Or call 1 (800) 227-2754

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Nathan, a.k.a. Silly Nathan, teaches kids and adults how to have the time of their lives with skis on their feet. His home resort is Park City Mountain Resort (UT), Canyons Village Base.

Nathan is dedicated to helping skiers of all levels find the joy of making mountains into playgrounds packed with incredible memories. Whether the student is a child or an adult, beginner or advanced, he focuses on four simple objectives:

1. Be Nice. Pretty much every good thing starts here.

2. Be Safe. If you feel safe (in control) then you will probably...

3. Have Fun. And if you are having fun you will most likely...

4. Maybe Learn Something. No pressure here—just big smiles, playful discoveries, and no-pressure successes

So far that focus has proved to be the key to creating not just great lessons but also great friendships.

Family lessons are always a great way for parents and kids to get some fun, productive ski time together. NOTE: Teaching terrain is always determined by the lowest skill level in the group. And, yes, an advanced skier can still be challenged and have fun on easier terrain while little learners are closing the gap between easy skiing and thrilling all-mountain adventures.


Nathan teaches in English, German, Adult and Kid (but typically not all at the same time). He's PSIA certified, a Children's Specialist II, staff trainer & instructor.

Find out more about What to Expect from a Lesson.

Word on the snow

Being a first time skier it’s safe to say that I had a mix of emotions before my first time on the slopes in The Canyons in Park City, UT. My anxiety was released as soon as I met Nathan, because I knew that I was lucky to have such a wonderful instructor for the duration of my stay. Nathan was friendly and enthusiastic with a great sense of humour and admirable patience! His teaching style was fantastic; he explained every instruction clearly and knew when somebody in our class needed a little bit of extra help. He was highly motivational and knew how to boost our confidence and when to push us to our full potential.


At one point during my first ski school session I had a near meltdown and was ready to take off my boots, but after a little pep talk with Nathan, I got back on the slopes and tried the run a little slower until I was more in control. From then on I loved every second on the stunning mountains. By my third lesson with Nathan I was confidently parallel skiing down green runs, which was incredible as I had never ever expected to make such rapid progress. It was the little things that separated Nathan from the rest; he has a real passion for the outdoors, for skiing and for people. He has a warmth about him that rubs off to everybody who has the pleasure of skiing with him and a smile that is contagious to everyone who meets him.


Nathan is an asset to Park City and made my skiing experience one that I will remember forever. I cannot wait to get back on the mountains, thank you Nathan, I couldn’t have done it without you.

SS (Australia)

"Skiing with Nathan Jarvis"

Over February break I went skiing with my family in Park City Canyons, Utah. My family got an instructor to help us learn more about skiing. The instructor's name is Nathan Jarvis. Nathan Jarvis is awesome!

He is a ski instructor, artist, and illustrator. He took us to the slopes. I got poles going on the lift up to the mountain. This is the first time I got poles. He wanted me to get poles because I was doing really good with my S turns and I don't wedge anymore.

I only went on three runs, because I was freezing! My dad went inside with me. My mom, brother and Nathan kept skiing.  I felt really good about skiing with Nathan Jarvis, because I got better and got poles! It was awesome!

—A school paper written by LT (age 8, New York)

I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to have Nathan Jarvis be our girls' coach on Saturdays for the past 10 weeks. They really progressed in their skiing skills and had so much fun in the process. I cant say enough great things about Nathan. He was always so kind and compassionate and FUN, but I also knew that my girls were in good hands. I knew that they would be safe and have fun all day.


Every Saturday morning they would wake up excited and ready for skiing. Its obvious to me that Nathan is a natural kid magnet. My girls adore him. I'm glad my girls thought he was fun but I am also thrilled that their skiing skills improved more this year than they ever have before. I think you probably already know that he is a spectacular instructor but I thought you might want to hear it from me. 

Thank you so much, we will be signing up again for next year!


DM (Park City)

I don't think I can adequately express how much we have appreciated our daughter having had Nathan as her ski instructor the last two seasons. As much as we've seen her skiing improve and develop it's her love and excitement about skiing/ski school that has been the most gratifying. Nathan has created such a great atmosphere/environment for his little ski team and she absolutely loves spending the day with him/them.  


As a life long skier, I have wanted nothing more than for my daughter to find the same love of skiing that I've known throughout my life. However, I was admittedly a little nervous that I might push too hard or not push enough and she'd never quite "get it."  That is why we decided on lessons 3 seasons ago. Nathan is like the "pied piper" out there with his group. They go right along with him, wherever and whatever he says, with nothing but smiles on their little faces.  It has been awesome to see his group progress and to know how much fun they are having.  


Of course, I'm sure that there are a lot of details to take care of between the end of this season and the beginning of the next, however, I'd like for you to know that we would love to have him as her instructor again next year. The consistency of his instruction and the team dynamic that he's created is such a great fit for her that it just wouldn't be the same without him! I'll submit a reminder request when signing her up for next season.


In the meantime, thanks for helping create such a wonderful learning experience up there!  It's greatly appreciated...


SM (Park City)


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