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After your lesson there's always a lot to remember—new skills, new runs, new feelings...NEW, NEW, NEW! To help you or your child remember some of the most important things to continue playing with, I've created some simple instructions and images to keep in mind when you're out having fun on the snow. Stance is crucial! Stance can be practiced at home or in the hotel before heading outside to the snow. 

Learn new skills on easier terrain, practice them until they come naturally, and then try them out on something a bit steeper to see if the new skill is showing up for you. If yes, then you're ready to add some new abilities. If no, then just keep playing with the skill you want to own. And have fun doing it. You always learn faster and better when you are having fun!

Go with a Pro. Professional lessons are the quickest and best route to gaining the skills, knowledge and confidence that lead to skiing safely, enthusiastically and playfully. Ask for me by name. It'll be fun!

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Learn new skills on easier terrain.

Practice old skills on more challenging terrain. 

If the skill disappears on more challenging terrain, e.g. your easy blue run parallel turn becomes a wedge on a double blue or black run, go back to easier terrain and practice some more until the skill gets into your bones!

Boot drills are the fastest way to help a new skier learn what movements and feelings are part of "Always skiing in control", i.e. the ability to stop and/or turn at any time, anywhere, and at any speed. Here are a few boot drills that will help develop the confidence that comes only from control. Be patient, be playful and focus on the ability to stop.

No stop = no fun = "I'm done!"

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