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How it works


We Start Here

Interest in beginner conversion is the starting point.

If your resort is interested in helping influence greater connection, success and excitement among the youngest and newest demographic (age and exposure), and wants to create a more family-friendly experience, we start with


Three Questions


Q1: What is the best outcome you want for children and families arriving at your resort?


Q2: What is preventing that from happening right now?


Q3: How much is that costing you in missed referrals, ancillary sales and opportunities to elevate guest experiences?


​Seven Steps


1. Evaluate resort needs and objectives pertaining to their children’s programs.

            • Ages of children

            • Circumstances of arrival and engagement

            • Resort objectives /goals for beginner conversion improvement

            • Evaluate the physical facility. What is the canvas? What are the ambient stimuli?

            • Wall spaces / outdoor places

            • Permanent physical objects/features

            • Moveable physical objects/features

            • Traffic flow

            • Indoor/outdoor?

            • Local flavor, brand guidelines, National Forrest Service requirements, etc.

This is done via photos, video, phone call and/or Skype options. On site visits are possible under certain circumstances.


2. Determine the story and theme. What unifies and emphasizes the needs and objectives? What will engage the viewers and focus them on the experience you are creating?


3. Custom, ready to use, or semi-custom?

• Custom work has a longer timeline for creation as well as a higher price tag, and it comes with extended usage rights

• Ready to use art is chosen from the growing Smartful Kids collection of nonexclusive images and is less expensive and typically quickly available

• Ready to use art can be modified to create a semi-custom image and can be created with a compressed timeline and a budget smaller than a custom project


4. Create first-pass visuals for review (sketches, selected full-color samples).


4a. First-pass review for comments and discovery


5. Tweak first-pass sketches if needed.

5a. Review tweaks.


6. Create final digital art ready for production.


7. Hand off for local production and installation of durable vinyl wall wraps/decals by qualified local professionals, or print and ship ready to mount materials, including .06 styrene signs and murals.


Bonus: Supporting print materials and other collateral pieces are produced and shipped

to you if they are part of your plan.

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