Ready, set, go!

3 Questions and 7-steps 

Q1: What is the best outcome you want for children and families arriving at your resort?

Q2: What is preventing that from happening right now?

Q3: How much is that costing you in missed referrals, ancillary sales and opportunities to elevate guest experiences?


1. Evaluate resort needs and objectives. What needs do the children and the resort have in common?

            Age of children

            Circumstances of arrival and engagement

            Resort objectives

            Evaluate the physical facility. What is the canvas?

            Wall spaces / outdoor places

            Permanent physical objects/features

            Traffic flow




2. Determine the story and theme. What unifies and emphasizes the needs and objectives? What will engage the viewers and focus them on the experience you are creating?


3. Create first-pass visuals for review (sketches, selected full-color samples).


4. First pass review for comments and discovery


5. Tweak first-pass sketches if needed.


6. Create final digital art.


7. Wall Wraps, decals and/or signage: Hand off for production and installation of durable vinyl wall wraps/decals by qualified local professionals.


Supporting print materials and other collateral pieces are produced and shipped to you if they are part of your plan.