...is a resource for families who want to have the best snow adventure ever. You may be on an annual vacation to one of your favorite resorts. Or you may be a local whose travel time to the lifts is measured in minutes instead of miles.

Here's what you'll find here:

• How to best prepare for an awesome snow adventure while you're still at home

• Ideas for tuckered out travelers and high altitude tips

• How to dress for snowy success

• What to expect when you sign up for lessons

• The Responsibility Code and why it's important

• Be Safe

• Fun and informative activity pages for kids to play with

• What kind of ski and snowboard gear is best

• Silly Nathan's SNOtes (ski lessons to go!)

• Kids' "Best Day Ever" stories & drawings

• Super videos to inform and entertain

• Mountain animal smarts

• Links to a lot of great TBD resources (see feedback request to the right)



I'm in the process of adding, tweaking, and always learning what kind of information and resources are most helpful for snow-loving families. Any suggestions, comments and/or questions about anything found here in the Go Snow Kids! are greatly appreciated. Thanks! NYJ

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