Q. Does NYJ work digitally or with paints that can spill on his pants,

floor, carpet, small animals and unlucky leprechauns who just happen

to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

A: He typically works digitally, however real paint remains close at

both hand and heart. He about to build a "wet studio" next to his digital digs.


Q: Will NYJ do the dark and disdained evil deed also known as

“work for hire?”

 A: He is not below signing his conscience away for a fair usage fee,

however if the art is such that retaining reproduction and/or physical

rights is prudent protection of his long-term benefits from said work,

then he is inclined to rigorously retain ownership of the

aforementioned work, including domestic, foreign, galactic, future,

present, past, electronic, audio, film, fireside recounting, surface, psychic, micro and macro applications and all possible means, forms, and/or reproduction methods, etc. 


Q: How much time does NYJ require to take on a project?

A: Working under the banner “Sleep is for sissies” NYJ is frequently

able to accept projects that are very hot and turn them around in

short order...if his schedule isn't already booked. That said, the smaller the time allowance the greater the budget must be (the other banner under which NYJ works is “Imbalanced budgets are for foolish sissies”). Last minute requests run the same risk as Friday afternoon calls looking for a Friday night date.

By the way, if asked to break the laws of space and time to get a

project done, corresponding quick payment for the work is expected, too.


Q: How much does it cost to hire NYJ to work on a project?

A: Big project = Big budget.

Fast turn around = fatter fee.

Work for hire = work for higher fee.

Great complexity = generous moolah.

Just run your budget past him…NYJ is a pretty reasonable and realistic professional. NOTE: Unless agreed to in advance of beginning a project, all invoices are due within 30 days of invoice date.


Q: Did NYJ really run away from home at age 13 to start out his

entrepreneurial life as a clown?

A: Nope, he stayed at home. But clowning was indeed the beginning

of his self-employed adventure. He can still ride a unicycle (forward,

backward, with one foot, down steps and pop a wheelie), but usually

opts for his bicycle when he wants to roll on his own steam.

His years of clowning around also taught him invaluable lessons on

what makes kids tick, talk, wail and/or bust out laughing.


Q: Are there any “forbidden markets” that NYJ will not do work for?

A: NYJ won’t do work to promote addictive stuff, e.g. tobacco

products, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, porno, gambling, golf or

overpriced, super-sized, endless refill movie popcorn.


Q: What size shoes does NYJ wear?

A: Street shoes...11. Ski boots...27.5. Inline skates...12.


Q: Is it true that NYJ is married to an alien?

A: Yes, but she has had permanent resident status since 1979

when she left Austria behind her and moved to the US of A with NYJ.


Q: Is NYJ a dog person or a cat person?

A: He is a 100% dog man who lives with a tabby cat that is apparently immortal. It must be well over 104 years old—perhaps possessed by an ancient Egyptian diety.

That said, he tolerates him with a degree of affection anyway.

After all, he is a really nice guy—and he has his awesome Black Golden

Labointer, Sam, to help keep the cat occupied.


Q: Who are some of the clients Nathan has worked for?

A: The New York Times, BBDO; Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; 2 Hemispheres; Oxford University Press: FedEx; Pizza Hut; Dinardo Design; Canyons Resort; Drawing Dreams Foundation; General Mills; Brown Publishing Network; McGraw-Hill; Pearson Education; Quarasan; Stichting Droomwevers; Aptara; Meredith Corporation; Evan-Moor; Foodjunky LLC; Ranger Rick; Highlights for Children; K-Tel; Muller & Co.; NKH&W; Marcel Shurman; Honeywell; Hallmark Cards, Inc.; William H. Sadlier, Inc.; Land O Lakes; Primary Children’s Medical Center; Ortelius Design; LaurelTech; Red Chair Press; Target; Silver Editions; Bill Smith Studio; Mercantile Bank; Medical Economics Publishing; Pearl Vision; Hormel; Hegco Canada; Corporate Report; Deaconess Press; Screaming Yellow Zonkers; Joshua Morris Publishing; Readers Digest Press; Children’s Television Workshop; BMW of Salt Lake; and many more.


If you’re not mentioned here, you can change that with a quick phone call (801) 831-0406 or email!