Some days out on the snow are so much fun you just have to write about them...or draw a picture. Did you have a great adventure with your family, friends or class? See a two-headed moose? Learn a new skill that you feel really happy about? Here's where I'm collecting your stories and art.


If you'd rather just write or draw something on a piece of paper and take a picture with a phone and text it to me, that's cool, too. Just text your stuff to (801) 831-0406. For the sake of keeping the paparazzi away from your front door, I will just credit the submission with your initials and home city. 


Each month, December through April, I will choose a written story that especially tickles my fancy (even though I am still sort of unclear about just what a fancy is) and I will create a drawing to go with it, post it to this site, and make a high quality signed photo print of the art to send to the winner.

Why am I collecting stories and drawings, and what's going to happen to all of the awesome stuff I collect? I'm glad you asked. You probably already know that I love to ski and spend time out on the mountain during the winter. You do, too, if you are reading this right now. 

There are a lot of people, though, who are still undecided about becoming a skier, or are a little bit afraid of the learning curve. My goal is to create a collection of encouraging stories and art that will inspire others to join us in the fun and adventure out on the snowy slopes. As the collection of submissions grows I will put together some free eBooks that can be shared with others.

I look forward to reading your stories and seeing your drawings!


(Silly) Nathan

Skiing with Nathan Jarvis

by LMT, New York

Over February break I went skiing with my family  in Park City Canyons, Utah. My family got an instructor to help us learn more about skiing. The instructor's name is Nathan Jarvis. Nathan Jarvis is awesome! 

He is an instructor, artist, and illustrator. He took us to the slopes. I got poles going on the lift up the mountain. This is the first time I got poles. He wanted me to get poles because I was doing really good with my turns and I don't wedge anymore.

I only went three runs, because I was freezing! My dad went inside with me. My mom, brother, and Nathan kept skiing. I felt really good about skiing with Nathan Jarvis, becauseI got better and got poles. It was awesome!