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Skiing is what is called a high risk sport. There are a lot of high risk sports...many that you already do, like cycling, skateboarding, soccer, ice skating, running with bulls, not to mention deciding to drive in a car (okay, that's not a sport for most people), etc. 


It's a high risk sport because there is a lot of movement going on,  and speed, obstacles, weather, and sharing the mountain with a number of people who may or may not be skilled, wise or nice. So what's to be done if you still want the fun? 

Easy. Just decide that you will do your part to be safe and to create safety for others. This page goes hand in hand with the page about The Responsibility Code. I encourage you to be familiar with both. It's not just smart. It could be a life saver!

Safety has to do with how well you ski/ride, how well you follow all the points of The Responsibility Code, how you are dressed, how well rested you are, how well you respect the weather and all the changing snow conditions that exist on a mountain.

Choosing to be safe is a way of saying you value of your life, the lives of others and the realities of the laws of physics...even if that's limited to the understanding that gravity will always be turned on while you are on earth, a.k.a. what goes up must come down. Safety also means you respect wildlife, especially the kind that can squish you, poke you, bite you or spray you with something stinky.

Being safe means that you care about everything and everyone—and that you know you are sharing the mountain with others.

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