art with NYJ

NYJ has been working professionally with, around and for kids for almost 40 years. Much of that work has been creating art to entertain, educate and/or protect them from losing their precious silliness. But he has also spent a lot of time teaching the little rascals, too (including college kids and adults who thankfully have somehow kept their inner Kindergartener alive and well).

He’s taught ongoing classes in schoolroom settings as well as being a frequent guest speaker to get kids excited about the power of pictures and equally awesome words. And he is still teaching kids and adults in the general areas of Park City and Heber City, UT.



Nathan’s teaching philosophy is pretty simple:

1. Keep things fun/funny, safe (physically, emotionally and developmentally) and useful.

2. Keep materials and projects age-appropriate.


3. Help budding artists of all ages find out what makes each one of them unique and wonderful.

After all, unique is pretty much why art is art instead of just landfill food.