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Quickly change worried, whiny or bored kids into curious, connected and playful learners!

Expert kid-friendly indoor & outdoor art that positively influences snowsports beginner conversion.

New for 2020/2021


Just think about it...

a fun book about the magical world of skiing written by Olympian, Libby Ludlow and illustrated by Nathan Y  Jarvis, PSIA Children's Specialist and award-winning, internationally-known illustrator!

You can help grow the next generation of excited, ready and resilient little rippers. Get the stoke seeds planted early!

A-B-Skis is available now!



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"I'm Smart. I Know the Code!" eBook. It covers the Your Responsibility Code, and includes bonus extras to help you help your little rippers to be safe and successful on the snow. "I'm Smart. I Know the Code!" is endorsed by PSIA-AASI

2020/2021 Season

SEPTEMBER 2020: The 2020/21 season is unfolding starting down under. We'll be watching to see what lessons learned are portable to the Northern Hemisphere. The presence of a pandemic has changed the expectations for what can or should be expected at the resorts as far as how guests are able to interact with not just the mountains but also with one another. For now, we'll be looking for more news directly from the resorts as they figure out what they feel is safest for their guests and employees. We can all do our part to help flatten the Covid-19/G curve by practicing social distancing, wearing face masks in public gathering locations, and consciously thinking about how our behavior affects the welfare of others. That's a good lesson to think about all the time.

Check out the NSAA "Ski Well, Be Well" Best Practices publication.


Nathan Y. Jarvis is an internationally-known, award-winning artist. His playful illustrations have entertained, inspired and educated children, adults and businesses for over 30 years.

Washed Hands are Smart Hands


These dishwasher-safe 3" x 3" vinyl stickers are perfect additions to bathroom mirrors, water bottles or anywhere you'd like to add an extra reminder about the importance of clean hands in the war against spreading germs.

$3.75 each, or 10 of one design for $35.00, or 5 of each design for $40.00. Shipping included.

Discounts for larger orders available upon inquiry.

His distinctive work has appeared in such notable places and publications as 

Highlights for Children

Sesame Street Magazine

Park City Mountain Resort, UT

Professional Ski Instructors of America-

American Association of Snowboard Instructors

Kinderlift of Colorado

The New York Times

General Mills Packaging

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


Oxford University Press




Hallmark Cards

Primary Children's Hospital, SLC, UT

*Lots of children's books

     *(more than dozens, less than hundreds)

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